The Junior to Senior Guidebook

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This book is everything you need to know to secure your dev career. Everything you can't learn in a bootcamp or college. 

I wanted to write the book I wish I had when I started out my career. 

It’s not enough to be good at coding anymore. The industry has changed. More companies are going remote than ever before. The job market is saturated. You need to find a way to standout as an employee and make yourself invaluable to a company.

When I was a junior developer, I was constantly googling how to improve as a developer. Or how to be a senior developer.

But I was never satisfied with the information I found.

I started figuring out on my own how I could be a great developer. And I'm going to share it all in my book.

A year and a half after I started at my first engineering job, I was a senior engineer. 

I've spent my entire career being obsessed with growing my skills and figuring out how to learn quickly. I've worked as a front-end engineer, a blockchain engineer, a full-stack engineer and an iOS engineer.

What The Book Covers

  • Career - Creating a daily schedule, providing value at work, onboarding to a new company fast, strategies to advancing your career, how to work towards a promotion effectively, and more.

  • Skills - Everything you need to know on how to be a strong developer. Soft skills, building skills for the job you want, deciding to specialize or not, breaking problems down, learning how to be more productive and more.

  • Burnout - Includes sections such as dealing with imposter syndrome, staying motivated, working effectively and more.

  • Learning -  How to get comfortable being uncomfortable, using deep work as a developer, choosing to be a builder and more.

What Others Are Saying

"Just finished reading The Standout Career by @RandallKanna - fantastic book! There are great tips in there for folks of all experience levels. Highly recommend it!" - Joe Attardi

"I've just finished your new book, loved how concise and digestible it was. Would highly recommend it!"Ivan Yaremko

"Already received $18 worth of value in the first few pages." - Kevin Khoury

“In every book you pack so much of the quality information along with such a lucid explanation that it's really a delight to get the knowledge by reading your books.” - Saurav Kumar

“Just finished reading this. Highly recommended it. Very relevant for working in tech” - Kellen Keith

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The Junior to Senior Guidebook

32 ratings
I want this!