The Standout Developer

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A Complete Guide For Developers on Job Hunting, Acing the Interview and Landing the Job

Trying to land a high paying job in tech? Want companies reaching out to you?

Job hunting as a developer is stressful. Dozens of people apply for the same job and you're competing with CS grads and people with years of experience. 

I remember applying endlessly for jobs when I started out and companies sending me rejection letter after rejection letter. And that was if the company even replied at all.

If you're tired of the endless job search and feeling like your resume isn't being seen, this book will help you craft a great resume that stands out and get it seen by the companies you want. I'll share how I got companies like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn reaching out to me by creating an online presence.

If you're struggling with technical interviews, my book will share how I prepare for algorithm interviews, how to create a study schedule, my secrets to the coding take-home challenge, and more. 

You'll learn how to create a powerful blog, speak at a conference, negotiate and evaluate offers. And much more.

What people are saying

“If you’re trying to land a dev job, you need to get this book.” -Kyle Shevlin

“I started reading The Standout Developer on my lunch break and I was absolutely blown away. The information on resumes and portfolios alone is worth the price.” – Jess Cogswell

"I wanted to thank you again for your help with my resume. After applying your suggestions, I was almost immediately contacted by a senior technical recruiter at Google and I am now a full-time employee at Google." - Jermaine Oliver

“The Standout Developer is out and it’s a great read on how someone with no CS background broke into the industry and is rocking it. I love that it’s authentic advice and comes from someone who’s done it all.” – Gergely Orosz

“As the economy gets worse, standing out will matter even for senior engineers. Even when she was a new engineer, Randall cracked the code to getting noticed. Check out her new book and don’t fall into the stack of resumes.” – JT Turner

“The book was worth the price in the first three chapters.” – Murilo B. Delefrate

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Includes interviews with:

Daniel Vassallo, Kyle Shevlin, Marcos Iglesias, Ben Ilegbodu, Abbey Rennemeyer, Shawn Wang, Madison Kanna and more.

With this book you won't be where I was in the beginning—sending out countless resumes and getting no responses—wondering if I ever would get a job.

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The Standout Developer

47 ratings
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